Four Ren Yin 壬寅 – What is in it?

18 February 2022, Yin hour

These few days there were many articles about this four Ren Yin pillars of year month day and hour. The technical terminology of this set of four pillars is called ‘Singular Heaven Qi天元一气’.

Some ‘masters’ harped on a ‘special force’ or ‘special energy’ type of event happening.  Personally, as a metaphysician, I am not very excited about it even though it is a once in 180 years happening. 

Maybe for spiritual practitioners, this is a once in a lifetime event to harness the so called powerful Qi for that two hours’ duration. 

But then if you are a meditator and knows your stuff, you would not be immersed into such ‘spiritual materialism’, and you would probably know that in a span of 365 days there would be many such good hours for you to absorb powerful universal Qi.

Anyway, I think it is better for me not to stir the hornets’ nest, lest, some wise yogi would want to debate with me on this matter.

My reasons not to be excited about this four Ren Yin are very simple:

  1. If you are talking about Bazi (personal life fate analysis), every set of four pillars, as it denotes the Qi of a period, has different effects on different people.  The four RenYin has a very weak water element and the wood element is strong. If a person does not need the wood element, then, this is not an appropriate time for him. If a person needs the water element, then, this weak Ren water would not be of any help at all.
  • Generally, in Date Selection, such dates are useful, only, if and when the elements assembled are appropriate to be used by the project to be implemented.  If the period elements are of no use to a specific project, what benefits would the project enjoy?

Let me quote the verse on the four RenYin from the book Anthology of ZiPing Poems 子平诗集解:

四重阳水四重寅,Four types of Yang water four types of Yin,

坎离交争旺气嬴,Kan Li mutually interacting prosperous Qi wins,

运至火乡成富贵,Luck reaches Fire period noble and prosperous,

往来须忌对冲提。Elements interaction most fear clashing of month branch.

May this information be of good use to you.


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