I wrote this article for my Thai students in the Secrets of BaGua Fengshui crash course…….

Today, I shall discuss about planning your life.  This topic was not in my original plans for day 3. 

However, I noticed, one world famous master was pushing very hard to sell his ‘life planning’ course to his followers.  When I read about his marketing pitch I felt that I have to make an urgent discussion of this topic of ‘life planning’ here.

What I wanted to convey is that some schools, just because they wanted to make money, would probably ‘dressed up’ their course to look like a super effective method, but, the course materials were just like a ‘re-fried plate for fried rice given a different name’.

So, here, I shall dive into the discussion on how to plan your life.

I had said before that my first metaphysics teacher taught me three very important points about life:

  1. Know your life
  2. Accept your life
  3. Follow your destiny.

These three point are very important for you to understand its most innermost meaning.


To know your life is to know your destiny.  Once you get to know your destiny, you must accept it, even though it is not what you wanted now, but, please be informed that you can change your attitude towards it and initiate plans for a smooth transition into the forward path towards your destiny.  That’s the only way to go towards your destiny.  Any other way is suicidal.

If you go against your destiny, you will experience obstacles and pitfalls, and, that will definitely hinder your progress into a smooth flow of life energy.

Life energy is something that is intangible, and, the most misunderstood factor in a person’s life. 

When your life is going smoothly and there are no pitfalls or obstacles, you would probably be building up a strong energy in your life.  This energy can see you thru till the day you die, and, you would probably die with a heart full of contentment.

If your life is full of obstacles and pitfalls, your life journey would be like a super steep roller coaster ride and at the end of the ride you would probably regret that you had taken the ride.


Your destiny although is supposedly unchangeable, but there is a chance for you to accept it and make it a better life journey that would end with happiness.

Once you have accepted your life destiny, next thing you should do is to plan your path in life.

The important point to note here is: you are what you are because of your karma.

If you know this in your heart, and, accept it, you would have dropped the large boulder that weighing down your heart and mind.

If you do not accept your life destiny is made out already, you would still be struggling blindly and trying to ‘right’ the supposedly ‘wrong’ things in your life.

One very important point here is that you must be ‘cool’ and ‘calm’ and ‘calculative’ and follow your ‘inner heart feelings’ and not ‘emotional bursts’.  Making important decisions, when the mind is cool and calm, and, in ‘calculative’ mode, will definitely lead you to a correct decision.

‘Emotional bursts’ are psychological instances in your mind that plucks at you heart, but it can mislead you into a wrong path.  Remember not to be emotional in your life decisions.  You need a calm mind to make the right decision. This knowledge is what I am trying to impart to you.


The important point here is that you must know your destiny first.  Then, you accept it with an open heart and not fight it. 

The next step you take is to plan your path in life – a path that has least number of pitfalls and obstacles.

You might ask, “How do I do that?

You have taken the first step of knowing your life.  So you look at your life chart and plan a smooth path.

In Bazi, the chart tells you what are the elements that you can use and what are the elements that you should avoid.

These elements, when in relation to your Day master (DM) are transformed as the 10 gods, that represents various aspects of your life.

What you can be and what you cannot be is all mapped out in your Bazi chart.

Here is an example:

A person’s chart has too many ‘Companion stars’.   Normally, this person would have more siblings in his family, and if not, would have many friends and associates. 

The person in type of chart, generally, would have siblings and friends borrowing money from him, and, in the end would probably not return a single cent. Or, this person if in joint venture business with others, would either lose money in the venture, or, maybe gets kicked out of the partnership due to certain circumstances.

The person in this type of chart with too many companions, is NOT suitable to be in business. He is better off being a salaried employee, making a fixed income.

He is also better not to loan money to sibling and friends, because the money could go and not come back.

Assuming that this person persistently goes into business, and, maybe eventually lose much money and close the business.  Later he probably made a bank loan or loan from friends some money, to start a new business again.  Again his business failed and lost much money. 

This person, does not know his life destiny is not suited to be in business, and foolishly lost two business ventures. 

Now, is that not a waste of time and money?  Yes.  This person wasted time and money.

If he knows his life, accept his destiny, and follow his life path to go into working life and be an employee, he could have not lost the money invested, and not lost valuable time in his life doing something more profitable.

What are the more profitable things you might ask…..

Well, if that person, spent quality time building his career in an organization, and, with proper planning, climb up the corporate ladder, the time he spent building his career, would eventually be profitable because he would have reached a high salary scale and lived a comfortable life.

This is especially so, if the person has a ‘General’s chart’ or a ‘commanding officer’s chart’

You see, in Bazi chart structures are given names.  There are chart names such as:

 ‘military commander’; ‘general’; ‘king’s’; ‘blue blood’; ‘emperor’; ‘rich house poor man’; ‘loving mother spoiled son’;  etc, etc……

So, in this example, the person’s chart, if have many ‘Companions’, and, also maybe have one ‘Officer’ and one ‘Resource’, he could well be in a ‘commander’s’ position, and, his life is like a ‘general’ who helps his ‘king’ (this means his employer) to win territories (this means market) in their war and battles (this means competition in the business world).

Remember, know your life, know your destiny, follow the correct path to happiness.

There is a verse from SunZi art of war:

“Know yourself, know your enemy, one hundred battles fought, one hundred battles won.”

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