ShengJi Live Burial course

This is an old course that I did many years back. It was a live class course and I did the course twice. It was quite successful, with about a total of a dozen students taking part.

Now, there was some requests from foreign students who wish to learn this skill but are not able to travel to Malaysia to take the live course.

So, I decided to edit the course contents to suit a correspondence or online course format, by adding a lot more information to the course materials.

Now the new course fee is USD1800.00 per student.

For those who pays cash in full gets a 10% discount.

For those who wish to pay via instalment, there shall be no discount.

Instalment period is 6 months. the student pays USD300 per month.

This course shall include Zoom classes if the student (s) request for it.

In this course, I shall also reveal some secrets of Landform to the students.

Those who are interested to take this course can send me a PM.

I would also be happy if the student can put down a 10% deposit to book the course.

Here is the contents of the course

Course Contents


  • Standard ShengJi Requirements
  • Personal requirements
  • Material requirements
  • Specific rules for urn and wooden box
  • Ritual requirements
  • Important note
  • Non-Burial ShengJi Part 1
  • Personal requirements
  • Material requirements
  • Incense censer
  • Mini wooden coffin
  • Copper pyramid
  • Li Qi
  • Non-Burial ShengJi Part 2 _ placement method
  • Burial ShengJi Part 1 _ Landform
  • Introduction
  • Mandatory requirements
  • Riding on Sheng Qi
  • Landform requirements for burial
  • Mountain, river and embrace
  • Walking the Dragon
  • Dragons
  • Earth
  • Rivers
  • Landform features
  • How to find landform with potential Xue formation
  • Xue categories
  • Different systems of categorization
  • Conclusion
  • Burial ShengJi Part 2 _ Grave structure, design and tomb letterings
  • Grave structure and design
  • Tombstone writing
  • Specific rules for landform and graves in Burial ShengJi
  • Date selection
  • The function of date selection
  • Date selection according to the Fengshui method used
  • Appendix I_ZangShu Translation and Commentaries
  • Appendix II _Flying Stars Date Selection
  •  Appendix III_Dong Gong Date Selection
  • Appendix IV_Tong Shu Reference 12 months

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