I have already edited the course materials and added nine more pages of information.

The newly edited version now has 169 pages, with added information about Landform.

I had added more landform information in the section on Burial ShengJi part 1. The newly added information will help the student be more informed in landform knowledge.

However please remember that this is NOT a landform course, therefore, the section on Burial ShengJi part 1, have just enough information to help the student identify Dragon, Dragon Arteries, and Dragon Xue.

I wish to thank those who already bought this course and shall thank those who, in future, shall buy this course.

NOTE: Those who are interested to learn Landform, Walking the Dragon, how identify the energy of Dragons, and, how to identify and stake a Dragon Xue (Dragon Cave) practice from me, can send me a private message via FB messenger or Whatsapp.

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